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Hartford Electricians
" I won't consider contacting another service company in future service needs. You were outstanding."
Lanie Delaney
West Hartford

" Friendly, top-notch professional service. They did the job as if they were working on their own home. I can't say enough about the crew that was sent to my new home. Thank you!"
Ron Moller

" Quick, pleasant and fun to have around the house and done in no time. And best of all, the techs spoke about what a pleasure it was to work for you and Dan. No bad-mouthing the boss from these guys, and that goes a long way with us…this job was way under what I figured."
Barry Dearborn

"Both Chris & Elaine were extremely knowledgable , they make me feel at ease knowing the job would be done correctly.Plus your rates are not inflated which is a comfort to us as most of us are cost conscious
Thank you for everything
Diane Arrigoitia

"An A+++ effort I would highly recomend your services "
P Bartomeli

" It's a pleasure to work with you you're always on time and keep in touch which makes life easy for everyone, Thank you!!!"
Drene Cunningham

" Just kep doing what you're doing - I tell everyone how reliable you are how neat you are as you work and punctual - I love it!!"
Drene Cunningham 
"I won't consider contacting another some company in future some needs. You were outstanding. Enjoy happy holidays!
Lanie Delaney

"Since I spent considerable time doing "mailers" and even more time getting frustrated at the lack of success, let me congratulate you for getting at least one customer as a direct result of hunderds of bygone stamps bought at the S.Windsor Post Office! That one is, of course, myself. The Whiz team, headed by Chris has just about completd all of the various tasks in both my house and barn and I felt compelled to remind you (since I'm sure, as an owner, you're only too well aware!) of some of the things a client looks for before recommending a company to friends and nighbors. Professionalism, appearance, technical skills, courtesy and honesty are the forerunners albiet not all of the attributes of your technical personnel. Chris has electrical capabiliities far beyond his years and nevers seems to make a misstep which is quite amazing for one his age. The house services feed line was a bit of a challenge but totally surpassed by the barn which had hosted a 'chipmunk" party with the longest Romex grinder in history! As the owner, you are responsible for hiring and you have a lot to be proud of with your staff. My Congatulations and thanks for a job well done. I will gladly recommend your company for any prospective customers.Now, if you'll excuse, me, I've got to go "varmint hunting"!

Robert Hatch

"Absolutely wonderful services
Thank you"

Melanie Last

" I just wanted to enclose a note with my payment to express how much I appreciate your company and the work you do. Chris has been here three times. He is unfailingly polite, knowledgeable and pleasant. It is a pleasure to do business with Wiring Whiz and you are very lucky to have an employee like Chris.

James Lazarek

"Dear Wiring Whiz,
This letter is to let you know how pleased I was with Chris and your company. As a landlady, I have dealt with nightmares from handymen and contractors, but not with Wiring Whiz and the great work you all do Thank you for making my life easier sincerely"

Tina Pereira

"One of the reasons & used your services was the letters recived from Carol Hart that weren't about electrics services. Clever. Good Team! very knowledgeable."
James Smeallie

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