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Hot tubs are the ultimate in leisure and luxury. The backyard spa industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with no end in sight, and it seems that installing your own little piece of heaven is a dream come true for many Americans. But make sure that your dream hot tub installation doesn’t become a nightmare.

The primary safety concern with any spa or hot tub on your property is of course water safety, but because electricity is required to run this equipment it is imperative that the installation of your hot tub is done by a licensed professional. And even if you’ve had your equipment for a while, it’s important to consider the electrical safety of your installation. Older equipment may have experienced weather damage or be just plain worn out. Inspecting your equipment may reveal that it needs to be updated.

Your installation may be more complicated than you might imagine, so it’s best to do your research before you purchase. Running a hot tub or spa requires a great deal of energy, and it’s possible that you may need a service change or a panel upgrade in order to accommodate the necessary breakers to run your equipment. Any spa installation also requires the presence of a GFCI outlet within a few feet of the equipment and an emergency shut off. There is likely to be trenching from your panel to your hot tub, which must be at a specific depth.

The best time to plan for your necessary electrical work is before you’ve purchased your unit, but after you have an idea what you’d like. We can send one of our licensed electricians to your home—he can take a look at your specific situation and the electrical requirements for your new equipment and provide you with a guaranteed price for any installation or repairs necessary. There may be some work best done before your hot tub arrives, especially if there is a need for a panel upgrade or service change. After the pool or spa is installed, we can finish the necessary electrical work and arrange for your building department inspection. You’ll be relaxing in your hot tub in no time!
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