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I never imagined that I would be involved in a customer service business like The Wiring Whiz. I got involved the old fashioned way—I married into it! Originally, I was a history teacher, dabbling in bookkeeping for my electrical contractor husband. I didn’t want to be further involved—after all, I wasn’t an electrician, so what could I bring to add value to our company?

But something curious happened. I became more and more passionate about providing the absolute best service experience for our customers. And sadly, that passion was more a result of bad experiences with service companies, not good ones. There was the time when smoking, swearing carpenters trudged through my house with oily gunk on their boots, permanently damaging my carpet. Or when I spent the entire morning waiting in vain for service technicians to arrive when they said they would. Worrying about how long and how much that hourly-rate repair was going to be, as the time dragged on and on. Thinking that as a young mother with two small children I probably shouldn’t have let that disreputable looking workman into my home when I had no real idea who he was.

When we began to consider ways to expand our business to include residential service, I knew what it would look like. It would involve professional service technicians, in uniform, who had passed drug tests and criminal background checks. Workers that remembered they are guests in your home and behaved that way. Who cleaned up after themselves. Who didn’t leave a customer with unsightly wires, unnecessary holes in the wall, or a wobbly ceiling fan. A pricing system that makes sure the customer always knows exactly what’s involved.

I’ve found my niche. Because after all, providing quality electrical work is only part of the business.

Our License number is: 122009
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