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At the Wiring Whiz , we provide all kinds of electrical services. Whatever your electrical repair need, whether a new outlet or a digital thermostat, a dimmer switch or a GFCI outlet, we can provide an affordable solution to your electrical problems.

A GFCI breaker is an important safety mechanism that is required in several locations by the National Electrical Code, including bathrooms, garages, kitchens, basements, and outdoors. When the outlet senses a dangerous level of electricity passing through the outlet, it shuts off power to anything that is plugged into that outlet. Because they are so important, it is important to test the GFCI on a regular basis.GFCI outlets have a "test" (typically black) and a "reset" button (typically red). Simply press the black test button, and the reset button should pop out. Press the reset button—if it stays pressed in, the outlet is working properly.If your outlet is not working, check to see if the reset button is popped out—is so, your breaker has tripped. Press it in to reset. If it continues to trip, it's probably time to call a licensed electrician for an electrical repair to see what the problem is.

Smoke Detectors :Working smoke detectors in your home cut the chances of fire-related fatalities in half. They are required in every bedroom, should be located on every level of your home, and considered in other locations as well. In my house, the only place we don't have a smoke detector is in the kitchen. (The reason for that would be very clear if you ever watched me cook!!) Now is the time to hardwire your smoke and CO detectors. This links your smoke detectors so that if one goes off, they all sound the alarm. In addition, they run on 125 volt power and have battery backup. (Don't forget--these need to be replaced annually.) Although more expensive than battery operated detectors, they are considered to be more reliable and are required by code in all new buildings and additions. No matter which kind of smoke detector you have, make sure you keep them up to date. Are your smoke detectors old? After 8-10 years they should be replaced.

Digital Thermostats: A programmable digital thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home and optimize energy savings. And when a typical household spends upwards of $2000 on energy use--half of that for home heating and cooling--the savings can really add up. Energy Star qualified programmable thermostats are designed to be set at different temperatures for different periods of time. You can set your temperature at a comfortable level during the day, and have it automatically lower an hour or so before you typically go to bed. Then, program it to warm the house to a comfortable level shortly before you wake up. If you're gone for long periods of time during the day, have it automatically lower the temperature when you leave, and raise it so you have a toasty house when you make it home. A quality thermostat will enable you to provide different temperature and timing options for different days, so you can make adjustments for that Wednesday night Pilates class, or Saturday morning sleep-in. They also provide for "vacation" settings, where the temperature is way down for an extended time away. And the best feature may be the "set it and forget it" aspect--once it's programmed, you really can just leave the heat alone. How much can you save? Of course, that depends on your usage. But for every eight hours you lower the temperature one degree you lower the heating bill by 1%.There may be no more ideal way to save money, save energy, and increase your comfort level than installing a digital thermostat.

Dimmers: Every home has one--the light freak. Or more accurately, the turn-out-the-light freak. In our home, its my husband. He'll enter a room, heave a huge sigh and turn off the light before moving on to the next room with a heavy step. I, of course, come into the room he just left and say "Hey, Who turned out the light?" I hate being in a dark room, and I rarely think about turning off lights when I move around the house. When I'm home, the house is lit up like a Christmas tree. But without my personal light freak I'd pay a heavy price for my lack of concern. Lighting can account for a whopping 20% of home electrical bills.Fortunately, I don't have to live in the dark to be energy efficient and keep my light bills within the bounds of reason. A dimmer switch is a great idea. Dimming your lights by even a small percentage saves a corresponding amount of electricity, and dramatically extends the life of the bulb. I no longer have to choose between "interrogation room bright" (we can make you talk) and "stub my toe on the table dark". Generally I set my lights to 80 or 90%, leaving me with plenty of light and that righteous feeling enjoyed by the energy efficient among us. I enjoy setting my lights to 30 or 40% in the evening when things are winding down around my house, and sometimes (gasp) leave the lights on at 10% even in an empty room. The effect can be dramatic, making me feel like I live in a designer magazine. (It also can hide the fact that I really ought to vacuum the living room rug!)

My favorite new gadget: the cell phone charger outlet. Part USB port, part tamper resistent outet, all fabulous.I'm opposed to nagging my electrician husband about installing lights, switches and the like, but I'm willing to make an exception for this. "Why do you need one?" he asks. Fair question. After all, every cell phone, tablet and techno device is accompanied by a wall charger outlet box. But they are not exactly attractive. It's like the difference between an extension cord and a wall outlet--they both get the job done, but one is kind of tacky. Not to mention bulky and unattractive. The wall charger is sleek and professional and packs more than twice the charging power of other USB ports. That's a no brainer in my book."Where would you put it?" he stalls. EVERYWHERE!! I want one at my kitchen counter where I charge my cell phone and tablet, I want one next to my bed because the charging unit gets in the way of my bedside table, and OMG I think each of the teenagers needs one in their bedroom. And while we're at it, the office could use one...or two.

Sorry, dear. That honey-do list just got longer.

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